Financial Planning

Finances are something that everyone struggles with regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity or sex. This is one aspect of our lives that often gets overlooked during our early years, during basic education and even in during postsecondary education. Many individuals grow up with negative financial role models and never learn how to budget, save and spend their money in a responsible manner. Furthermore, exonerees exciting prison or jail may not have had to deal with finances in many years. Our goal at LBF is to help each participant develop the skills to manage their finances in a functional and responsible manner through simple budgeting techniques and financial planning.

Our mission is to create opportunities for the exonerated and give them a fair chance at true freedom and success after they so wrongfully had it taken from them. Exonerees who finish our program will obtain sustainable jobs, create community, foster healthy social relationships and gain the skills necessary to fulfill their dreams."