Housing Assistance

Our goal at LBF is to be able to offer varying levels of housing assistance, depending on the needs of our participants. Our short term goal is to assist exonerees in their transition from incarceration to independent living. This will consist of financial assistance and resources as well as personal assistance, to assist in finding a positive and safe place for them to call home. Weather they need immediate housing or assistance in moving back in with their families, we will be there to assist in every aspect. Our long term goal is to offer Emergency housing (on site or close to our facilities) for those individuals who have no place to go upon their release and Transitional housing which consist of interim housing that provides short-term residence, while participants complete our program and transition into their own residence.

Our mission is to create opportunities for the exonerated and give them a fair chance at true freedom and success after they so wrongfully had it taken from them. Exonerees who finish our program will obtain sustainable jobs, create community, foster healthy social relationships and gain the skills necessary to fulfill their dreams."