Individual & Family/Group Counseling

The goals of our individual counseling include: providing a safe place for exonerees to disclose and discuss sensitive personal issues, fostering and modeling a close interpersonal relationship, providing a positive role model, providing supportive, cognitive-behavioral and insight-oriented psychotherapy as needed, and providing information and guidance on an individual course to recovery. This form of individual 1 on 1 counseling fosters recovery through understanding and expressing feelings, motivations, beliefs, fears and desires. Insight-oriented psychotherapy is a client-centered therapy that requires multiple days of therapy per week with our therapists; it is a long process that allows for a deeper exploration to initiate change and recovery.
The goals of our family and group centered counseling include: providing a safe and secure environment, which assists exonerates in developing deep levels of trust, honesty, and personal awareness through expressing feelings, motivations, beliefs, fears and desires in a group or family setting. These groups are facilitated by our trained staff and use cognitive restructuring and other skill building approaches. Transitioning from prison and reconnecting with family after separation can be scary and challenging. Our family centered counseling is implemented to help in that transition and foster rehabilitation within the family structure. Family centered therapy focuses on finding solutions for families that have faced dissolution of the family due to external and internal stressors and circumstances. Through our family counseling sessions we will provide professional guidance to members of a family concerning specific matters to strengthen the systems of interaction between family members, emphasizing family relationships as an important factor in psychological health.

Our mission is to create opportunities for the exonerated and give them a fair chance at true freedom and success after they so wrongfully had it taken from them. Exonerees who finish our program will obtain sustainable jobs, create community, foster healthy social relationships and gain the skills necessary to fulfill their dreams."